5l 2-cavity Full Automatic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine,NEWS 

5l 2-cavity Full Automatic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine

5l 2-cavity Full Automatic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine

5l 2-cavity Full Automatic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine

fully automatic PET stretch blowing machine is developed by advanced bottle blowing technology.It has advantage of high-level fully automatic,stable working performance,simple structure but high working efficiency.Also these PET blowing machine are energy-saving,low noise,prevent production from polluting during working process.
It is suitable for drinking water bottle,juice bottle,tea bottle,cooking oil bottle,etc.


Full-automatic 5L blowing machine is mainly used for blowing 5L edible oil bottles, 5L bottled water bottle, is my company research and development of a new generation of two-step automatic blowing equipment, to meet the customer’s large capacity, high speed, fully automated production needs, from one cavity to  four cavities, the largest single cavity can blow 5L, This equipment can also blow other large capacity of more than 2L packaging containers,which is especially suitable for oil factory, bottled water manufacturers .

Technical training
The professional after-sales team is responsible for the comprehensive technical training of the customer. Including the operation and use of the machine, the guidance of product testing method and daily maintenance.

Equipment maintenance
all our products are guaranteed for one year, and maintenance service is provided for life.After-sales team 24 hours online, free telephone counseling, technology return visit, remote monitoring, technical solution and other services.

Technical support

our technical department is committed to improving machine performance stability, upgrading control software, expanding equipment functions, etc., to provide customized services for customers.


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