Best price automatic PET plastic bottle molding machine,NEWS 

Best price automatic PET plastic bottle molding machine

Best price automatic PET plastic bottle molding machine

Best price automatic PET plastic bottle molding machine

100ml-2L 2/4/6 Cavity Plastic Water / Juice / Drink PET Bottle Automatic Blow Molding Machine



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We can supply you with an automatic PET bottle blowing machine to produce containers of various shapes, sizes, and colors suited for:

  • Water

  • Juice

  • Carbonated Drinks

  • Vegetable Oil

  • Alcohol

  • Liquid Detergent

  • Cosmetics

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Personal Care Items

Full Servo 2 Cavity 10L Automatic PET Blowing Machine

Our BG series Full Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machine offers two cavities, one and six, for a variety of production sizes depending on your operations. This machine produces containers with a two-liter maximum, ideal for all kinds of wide-mouth and PET bottles for edible oils, medicines, beverages, cosmetics.

20L PET Bottle Automatic Blowing Machine Bottle Germany Stretch Cylinder

This Blow Molding Machine utilizes a high-speed linear blow molding mechanism for PET bottles of all types. We applied our advanced bottle-blowing technology to develop superior automation facilities and high production efficiency, safety, stability, and reliability. This device works as a mineral water bottle blowing machine just as well as an oil bottle blowing machine.

20-30 Liter Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machines

This machine’s double stations and linear guide movement improves the quality of bottle production. We developed this machine to utilize high-intensity stainless steel mold platens and run on hydraulic pressure. Our superior designs and analyses ensure a secure production, utilizing finite element aided software for a digitally controlled procedure.

2L 4000pcs/H MAX 4 Cavity Full-Automatic Blowing Bottle Machine

The BG-H400 Automatic blow molding machine is suited for Max 2L PET bottles. Our technology and engineering allow this machine to yield 4,000 bottles per hour. This high productivity pairs with low energy consumption and compact machine size. We can discuss a customized mold to meet a client’s unique goals.

Fully Automatic Wide Mouth Bottle Jar Stretch Blowing Molding Machine

This machine’s automatic bottle embryo process offers low labor and energy costs while maintaining high efficiency and profit. With an automatic alarm, fault detection, and judgment function, maintenance is fast and easy. Our partners supply accessories to customize the machine according to a company’s unique operations.

2L 6-Cavity Automatic Pet Water Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Our BG-2000 full-automatic PET bottle blow molding machine is a stable two-step automatic machine. With both two and six cavities, it yields around 1,250 bottles per hour per cavity. It offers an easy installment and startup process to produce between 0.6L and 2L volume bottles.


Automatic feeding machine for bottle blowing machine

Automatic loader improves work efficiency, accurate, reliable and durable transportation, raw materials are completely free from moisture, contamination, foreign materials and losses during the feeding process.Perform the feeding process transportation process, avoid the high altitude feeding hazard, reduce work. intensity and increase production efficiency.

The new clamping system, updated on the basis of the originals, increases the clamping speed and output of the mold and greatly reduces the clamping noise of the mold.

Adopt infrared lamp heating, strong penetration, preform rotation heating, tracking revolution, uniform heating, fast and reliable; The heating lamp, the width and height of the reflector can be adjusted to adapt to the heating of preforms of different structures, with an automatic temperature elimination device to ensure the constant temperature of the oven.

BORG BLOWING MACHINE machine adopts advanced microcomputer PLC control system, stable performance; Servo transmission system, high positioning precision, fast speed, stable and reliable.

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