Get to know the blow molding machine, start with PET bottles,NEWS 

Get to know the blow molding machine, start with PET bottles

Get to know the blow molding machine, start with PET bottles

Get to know the blow molding machine, start with PET bottles

The bottle blowing machine is actually a machine that blows bottles, but if we want to understand it more comprehensively, we have to know PET bottles first.


PET is polyethylene terephthalate is a saturated polyester made by polymerization of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. It has good transparency, gloss and gas barrier properties, and meets food safety standards. Recycle and apply.

The industrialization of PET bottles began in 1976, which was the real beginning of the use of plastic bottles in the carbonated beverage industry. The rapid development of the PET injection stretch blow molding market makes PET the second largest polymer used in blow molding today. The volume of the PET bottle is as small as 50mL and as large as 30L, and its shapes are round, oval and square.


PET bottles are mainly used for packaging carbonated beverages, as well as alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, mineral water, edible oil, condiments, medicines, cosmetics, pesticides and detergents.

 In recent years, PET blow molding machine has been widely used in beverage packaging due to its advantages of light weight, high strength, transparency and non-toxicity, especially the packaging of carbonated beverages. In addition, due to the repeated explosions of bundled glass beer bottles, foreign countries have already turned to PET bottle packaging, so the PET blow-molded bottle market has a bright future.


The broad market prospects of PET blow-molded bottles determine that the market prospects of blow-molding machines are also broad, because there is no PET bottle without a blow-molding machine.

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