Types of PET bottle blowing machines,NEWS 

Types of PET bottle blowing machines

Types of PET bottle blowing machines

Types of PET bottle blowing machines

Hello,today we will discuss the types of 2-stage PET bottle blowing machines. When PET injection machine produced the preforms,after cooling, and ready to blowing machine.

According to the different needs of customers, semi-automatic blowing machines and fully automatic blowing machines have been derived.

Semi-automatic blowing machine

There are two types of semi-automatic bottle blowing machines.

One is the semi-automatic blowing machine that hand feed preforms and takes bottles out by hand.the price is very cheap,however it takes 1-2 workers to operate(the label cost increased), and gloves are needed to put the heated preform into the mold,it requires skills and low blowing efficiency. actually I do not recommend it.

The other is a semi-automatic blowing machine that inserts preforms by hand and automatically takes out bottles.here attached the vision of second blowing machine. videos attached for your reference.

fully automatic blowing machines

Fully automatic blowing machines including the linear stretch blowing machine and rotary stretch blowing machine.

the difference is the rotary stretch blowing machine production speed is faster than linear stretch blowing.

If you need a cost-effective blow molding machine and faster recovery costs, it is recommended to use a linear blow molding machine. If you have high output requirements, and need the quality of European first-class level, our rotary stretch blowing machine is your best choice.

In gernal, different needs match different machines,it is important to understand the real needs first, and collected suppliers information and comparison, with quality as the core and after-sales service as the prerequisite, so that you can find the machine you really need.

for the next article,I will share the PET injection machine information with yours.

If you have any questions or ideas,pls call me or give me any comments.thank you for your time.

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